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Work at Pulpo

Work at Pulpo


Pulpo is a Fintech from Barcelona is a group-buying platform focused on digital subscriptions that helps users save money on their individual subscription when buying in a group. Our goal is to help people get access to more content at the time they spend less money.

Our mission to become the world's leading Group Buying Network and make buying in group easy, legal, and accessible to everyone. We're backed by by exceptional entrepreneurs and investors and have an opportunity of a lifetime to create one of the decade's most impactful companies.

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Laravel Backend Developer (PHP)
Laravel Backend Developer (PHP)
Customer Experience Agent
Customer Experience Agent
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The timing for a product like Pulpo is ideal, the demand for digital subscriptions is at an all-time high, sharing digital suscriptions is becoming a mainstream trend and companies ara adapting to the change as it will become the new normal. Thousands of people have already registered to use Pulpo in record time, all we need is more people to join our stellar team to execute our vision.



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This is just the beginning of our journey. The best is yet to come. We want to become the world's leading Group Buying Network together with you.

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